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IronLockUp trailer

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Restrained and forced to cum

Another fresh week and time for some more new and fresh ironlockup videos for you to enjoy today. In this scene, like always we seem to have on our hands a guy that is due for some punishment and his master doesn’t really feel relenting. So you can bet he’ll be in for some hard style treatments today as you get to watch every second of his session with his master today!


When the iron lockup cameras start rolling, you can see that the dude is already bound to a tall bed with all kinds of leather straps as to prevent all of his movement. His master then proceeds to electrocute him on the balls and cock, as he squirms in pleasure. You can see that this treatment is meant to make him cum, as at the end he blows his big jizz load all over himself. Enjoy it guys and see you next week with some more! Until then come inside website and find similar videos. See you soon!

 Enjoy watching as this slave gets tied and forced to cum!