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IronLockUp trailer

Click here and watch this slave getting tied in chains and punished!

IronLockup – Chained in a chair

Hey there guys, this time we have some new ironlockup videos for you to see and you get to have a treat this time. Heaven only knows what this poor guy did to get the anger of his master directed at him to get such treatment. But either way, you’ll be in for a great IronLockUp show as the unruly slave now turns obedient with the treatment delivered. Maybe he did this specifically to get this kind of treatment, but he doesn’t talk much so we may never know for sure. Let’s get this scene with him and his master started for today!


As his scene starts, this iron lockup sex slave makes his way into the room with his master behind him, and you can hear him telling him just what he’ll be in for this week as he gets seated in a chair. Then his master starts to bind him tightly with all kinds of ropes and chains as he also puts a gasmask on his face. Sit back and watch this guy getting punished by his master today and be sure to not miss one second of the video guys. Be sure to come back next week for an even more awesome session. Until then, goodbye everyone!

 Watch this poor slave getting restrained and punished!