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IronLockUp trailer

Click here and watch this slave getting tied in chains and punished!

IronLockup – Ball torture

This week we have another treat for you in the form of some ironlockup pics that we prepared for you. And this time you’ll get to see what happens to some of the sex slaves here when they become too unruly for their own good. This guy right here? Well let’s just say he really got on his mater’s bad side as after refusing to do something he even dared to speak back to him. As you know the masters don’t take too kindly to this type of behavior, and this naughty dude who is good looking, just like hot Zeb Atlas, needed to be reminded who was in charge once more. Don’t waste any more time and just head on over to see these incredible pictures, you won’t be disappointed guys, we promise!

As the cameras start rolling, you can see that it actually took two masters to submit him and take him to the bathroom for his treatment today. So they planted him on his back as they also secured him nicely with some chains to not be able to move as much as he wants. Watch this poor ironlockup sex slave as then he has his own balls put on some device that would cause pain if he’d try to move. You can bet that he calmed down eventually and the masters let him go on the condition that doesn’t repeat again in the future. Well one can only hope he learned his harsh lesson today, and as always we’ll be back next week with some more fresh content!


 Watch slave getting his balls tied and tortured!