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IronLockUp trailer

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Iron Lockup – Whip punishment

Today we have some more iron lockup porn scenes all ready for you and we know you’ll just love them. This fine week we have a fresh recruit here and it’s time for the masters to break in this little sex man slut to the whole workings of the group. For his first ever scene he gets to have himself whipped to feel the pain of pleasure that the masters always seem to be keen on delivering to their slaves. So without further due, sit back and watch this horny dude getting his  fill of rough treatment for this fine day today.


When you can first see this guy, his master does one fine job of explaining what’s going to go down with him today, and surprisingly he seems really eager to find out for himself. You can see as the dude is getting himself tied up at as his master whips him good today. You can hear him moan in pleasure as the other guy delivers his hard flogging on his body. We’re hoping that you enjoyed your stay today everyone and we’ll see you next week with some more fresh stuff, but until then check out website and find some similar gay sex videos. So stay tuned and enjoy everyone!

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