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IronLockUp trailer

Click here and watch this slave getting tied in chains and punished!

Iron Lockup – Waiting for the punishment

He there once more everyone. This fine week we bring you some more iron lockup pics as we have another frat bitch getting himself some solitary confinement. He dared to treat his master badly today and like many other dudes you can see what they usually got for their disobedience. Well that was exactly in store for him, but he didn’t really know this since he hasn’t been around for too long. And some rules he still needs to learn thoroughly before anything else. Watch his little scene today and enjoy guys!

You can head on over to and see this guy tied and tortured just for you today. As his scene begins you get to see him dragged in the bathroom and tied up as he’s left suspended in the air. This is a bit harsh in our opinion for this guy. It’s his first time with the sensory depravation treatment and we can only hope he got through somehow in the end. So just watch his scene everyone and enjoy today. Also keep on the lookout for more fresh ironlockup content in the following weeks. You won’t want to miss our next updates!


 See this slave getting tied and suspended in the bathroom!