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IronLockUp trailer

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IronLockup video – Servicing Sir’s cock

Another fresh week and as we promised we brought you another ironlockup video for you to see. This time we have the dude that you saw a few updates ago as a fresh recruit and today he gets to service his master’s cock as he seems to have gathered a bit of experience so far. So without further due, sit back and watch this superb show as the fat guy does his best to please his master’s cock for today.

See this ironlockup porn session with him, and watch him as he starts off by stroking his master’s big cock. And you just have to see this guy working that fat cock for his reward, as you bet the master was intending to reward him with his jizz. And you can also see him as he’s being forced to suck and deep throat that cock for your viewing pleasure as well in this video. If you liked this update cum inside blog and enjoy watching other great gay sex videos. See you next time with more!

iron lockup dungeon punishment

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IronLockup videos – Bondage and fisting

Like we promised, we have some more ironlockup videos for you to see today and we hope that you enjoy them today everyone. This time you will get to see yet another sex slave as he’s getting himself suspended in the air, while his master does a fine job of working his tight and naughty ass for your viewing pleasure today. Let’s all sit back and enjoy the show with these two horny dudes today.

bondage and fisting

This poor dude, also gets himself in a nice iron lockup suspended sex scene as his master ties him up neatly so that he may not move. Watch as he then lubes his hand, because he intends to work his ass a bit today. Watch him fist fucking his sex slave today for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check back again next week for another fresh and new scene guys. We’re going to have some neat stuff to show off! Check out website and have fun watching other gays getting anally fisted!

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Iron Lockup – Anal penetration

Are you guys ready for some more iron lockup porn today? Well we bet you are and this fine day we have some more fresh scenes to show off to you. You may remember seeing one of our guys as he was all suspended in the air and with a mask on his face, as his master left him hanging there to think about what he did. Well this time it’s a different sex slave, and this time this dude is here with his master as well, and the two of them will grace your screens with their amazing scene. So without further due, let’s all sit back and see what this couple ahs to offer for your viewing pleasure today shall we? It’s bound to be some good stuff either way.

As you know , when the cameras start rolling fun is to be had. And wait until you see what kinds of harsh and sexual treatments the slave got at today. He binds the dude by his hands and legs as he’s now motionless and well restrained in the air for your viewing pleasure. then the master pulls out a nice and big dildo that he starts to use on his little man slut’s ass. And as he sees his cock gets bigger and bigger, he also starts to stroke it, jerking him off as he’s also fucking him in the ass for today. We hope you enjoyed your stay everyone, and we will see you again with some ironlockup videos  next week, so stay tuned for more okay? And if you can’t wait until the next update, check out website and have a great time watching other hot guys fucking!


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Hardcore anal fisting

It’s a brand new day and we have some more ironlockup porn all ready for you to see in this fine scene. This time we have a master that will put his slave through some tough anal treatments as he was in need of some. He actually nagged his master to fuck his ass with a dildo, but he wouldn’t do it. And when he had enough of that nagging he decided to give his slave just what he wants today. But unknown to the slave, he’d be getting the hard core treatment of the anal fucking as you will see for yourself in this amazing gallery.


As you know, here at ironlockup we only have guys that can take some harsh body treatment for your viewing pleasure doing their thing. And we should warn you that what you’ll see might seem a bit extreme. But the truth is that this little man slut enjoyed it quite a lot. See his master lubing his fist as he them simply makes his way to him and rams it up his ass. Watch as the slave moans in the pleasure of having his ass fisted today and enjoy everyone. We’ll see you next week, friends but until then you can visit blog and enjoy watching other great gay sex videos and picture galleries!

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Iron Lockup – Waiting for the punishment

He there once more everyone. This fine week we bring you some more iron lockup pics as we have another frat bitch getting himself some solitary confinement. He dared to treat his master badly today and like many other dudes you can see what they usually got for their disobedience. Well that was exactly in store for him, but he didn’t really know this since he hasn’t been around for too long. And some rules he still needs to learn thoroughly before anything else. Watch his little scene today and enjoy guys!

You can head on over to and see this guy tied and tortured just for you today. As his scene begins you get to see him dragged in the bathroom and tied up as he’s left suspended in the air. This is a bit harsh in our opinion for this guy. It’s his first time with the sensory depravation treatment and we can only hope he got through somehow in the end. So just watch his scene everyone and enjoy today. Also keep on the lookout for more fresh ironlockup content in the following weeks. You won’t want to miss our next updates!


 See this slave getting tied and suspended in the bathroom!

Restrained and forced to cum

Another fresh week and time for some more new and fresh ironlockup videos for you to enjoy today. In this scene, like always we seem to have on our hands a guy that is due for some punishment and his master doesn’t really feel relenting. So you can bet he’ll be in for some hard style treatments today as you get to watch every second of his session with his master today!


When the iron lockup cameras start rolling, you can see that the dude is already bound to a tall bed with all kinds of leather straps as to prevent all of his movement. His master then proceeds to electrocute him on the balls and cock, as he squirms in pleasure. You can see that this treatment is meant to make him cum, as at the end he blows his big jizz load all over himself. Enjoy it guys and see you next week with some more! Until then come inside website and find similar videos. See you soon!

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IronLockup – Ball torture

This week we have another treat for you in the form of some ironlockup pics that we prepared for you. And this time you’ll get to see what happens to some of the sex slaves here when they become too unruly for their own good. This guy right here? Well let’s just say he really got on his mater’s bad side as after refusing to do something he even dared to speak back to him. As you know the masters don’t take too kindly to this type of behavior, and this naughty dude who is good looking, just like hot Zeb Atlas, needed to be reminded who was in charge once more. Don’t waste any more time and just head on over to see these incredible pictures, you won’t be disappointed guys, we promise!

As the cameras start rolling, you can see that it actually took two masters to submit him and take him to the bathroom for his treatment today. So they planted him on his back as they also secured him nicely with some chains to not be able to move as much as he wants. Watch this poor ironlockup sex slave as then he has his own balls put on some device that would cause pain if he’d try to move. You can bet that he calmed down eventually and the masters let him go on the condition that doesn’t repeat again in the future. Well one can only hope he learned his harsh lesson today, and as always we’ll be back next week with some more fresh content!


 Watch slave getting his balls tied and tortured!

Iron Lockup – Whip punishment

Today we have some more iron lockup porn scenes all ready for you and we know you’ll just love them. This fine week we have a fresh recruit here and it’s time for the masters to break in this little sex man slut to the whole workings of the group. For his first ever scene he gets to have himself whipped to feel the pain of pleasure that the masters always seem to be keen on delivering to their slaves. So without further due, sit back and watch this horny dude getting his  fill of rough treatment for this fine day today.


When you can first see this guy, his master does one fine job of explaining what’s going to go down with him today, and surprisingly he seems really eager to find out for himself. You can see as the dude is getting himself tied up at as his master whips him good today. You can hear him moan in pleasure as the other guy delivers his hard flogging on his body. We’re hoping that you enjoyed your stay today everyone and we’ll see you next week with some more fresh stuff, but until then check out website and find some similar gay sex videos. So stay tuned and enjoy everyone!

 Have fun watching that master whipping his poor slave!

Hardcore anal hook punishment

Hey there once again everyone, we come back this fine week with another superb ironlockup pics collection just for your eyes only. This time you get to see another naughty guy that seems to be serving his punishment for your viewing pleasure today. This horny guy didn’t listen to his superior alpha male when they were having a nice gay sex encounter and he found himself in a pinch as he was in for some harsh treatment as you’ll see for yourselves today. Let’s not waste anymore time and see just what was in store for this iron lockup horny hunk.

As the cameras started to roll you can see the dude making his entry with his master not far behind him. He’s already in his straight jacket so that he has his movements restricted, but that’s not all he’d be subjected to in this awesome day today. His master binds him with some chains and makes sure they are a tight fit as he lifts him up into the air. And then he takes a non sharpened hook which he inserts into his ass just leaving him hang there with it. Enjoy this one guys and do come back next week for some more scenes or check out website and enjoy watching other similar videos and picture galleries!


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IronLockup – Chained in a chair

Hey there guys, this time we have some new ironlockup videos for you to see and you get to have a treat this time. Heaven only knows what this poor guy did to get the anger of his master directed at him to get such treatment. But either way, you’ll be in for a great IronLockUp show as the unruly slave now turns obedient with the treatment delivered. Maybe he did this specifically to get this kind of treatment, but he doesn’t talk much so we may never know for sure. Let’s get this scene with him and his master started for today!


As his scene starts, this iron lockup sex slave makes his way into the room with his master behind him, and you can hear him telling him just what he’ll be in for this week as he gets seated in a chair. Then his master starts to bind him tightly with all kinds of ropes and chains as he also puts a gasmask on his face. Sit back and watch this guy getting punished by his master today and be sure to not miss one second of the video guys. Be sure to come back next week for an even more awesome session. Until then, goodbye everyone!

 Watch this poor slave getting restrained and punished!